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To end unemployment rates for young adults in historically underserved communities through entrepreneurship.



Our Values



We value teamwork and partnerships that will result in creative solutions and better outcomes for the communities we serve.



We encourage the discovery of new ideas, processes, and systems in the effort to generate possibilities for employment.


We believe that every young adult can acquire the knowledge and skills to prosper in the global society while retaining their identities, culture, and personal experiences.



We believe all young adults deserve the skills, knowledge, and exposure needed to prepare for the workforce.



The Alliance 98 (TA98) is a 5013c nonprofit that was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur and change agent David Rojas. As a young male growing up in La Villita, Chicago’s West side community, his surroundings encouraged him to develop innovative solutions to issues relating to unemployment and violence. David envisioned creating sustainable programs and events that will give young people a different avenue to find a legitimate hustle, safe space, and a greater sense of identity. TA98 was built on that foundation: to provide more young people of color with professional development and mentorship to ensure they have the resources needed to be a global productive citizen. Since its creation, TA98 is known for providing students 16-25 years of age with professional garments and opportunities that elevate their skills.

Suited for a Cause - Chicago, IL. 2017

Suited for a Cause - Chicago, IL. 2017


Founding Board of Directors


Rasheed Mitchell

Investment Associate, ICA Fund Good Jobs

Silvia Barba

Human Resources Recruitment Coordinator, UI Health


Allan Rogers

Head Chair, Leadership for Education & Equity