Thinking Global. Acting Local.

The Alliance 98 is an emerging nonprofit that was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur and change agent David Rojas, who was born and raised in Chicago’s La Villita community. As a young male growing up on the West side, he learned to survive in an environment where young people tried to find an identity and belonging. His surroundings never discouraged him from wanting to develop innovative solutions to solve issues relating to unemployment and violence. He used his pain as fuel to fulfill his dreams of creating sustainable programs and events that will give young people a different avenue to find a legitimate hustle, safe space, and a greater sense of identity. TA98 was founded on that foundation because David saw a need to provide more young people of color with professional development and mentorship to ensure they have access to the resources needed to exceed in the workforce. Since its creation TA98 is known for providing students 16-24 years of age with professional garments and opportunities that elevate their skills with technology, entrepreneurship, and entertainment.


We aim to decrease the global unemployment rate for young adults, by providing educational opportunities, professional development, as well as access to work, entrepreneurship and technology.  



"The Alliance 98 has allowed me to work with various emerging collection designers and creatives from across the city. My passion for art and photography continues to grow as I engage with new projects. I am thankful for the opportunity to grow and also provide clients with exceptional work."

— Kenneth Randall,  Photography & Visuals



"...TA98 supported my idea of serving my Chinese community, hosting one of the biggest events in Chinatown Plaza. Now, I'm planning on taking my project to the next level and launch my own business with the support of my community and TA98. TA98 truly cares for first-generation students in need of real world life experiences wanting to make a difference. "

— Shifa Zhong,  Startup Owner





David Rojas, Co-Founder + Interim Executive Director

Gregory Meves, Co-founder + Director of Development

Shifa Zhong, Co-founder + Director of Operations

Carlo Ahumada, Co-founder + Director of Communication

Nadir Mian, Co-founder + Director of Strategy

Sandy Tran, Business Manager + Partner

Jeri Tan, Lead of Visuals & Production

Sandra Chmielewski, Lead Visuals & Production

Edwin Eng,  Director of Accounting




Rasheed Mitchell

Investment Associate, ICA Fund Good Jobs


Silvia Barba

Program Coordinator, Urban Alliance


Allan Rogers

Head Chair, Leadership for Education & Equity